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Dear Friends:

21 Stars Review suffered a severe catastrophic loss of data (i.e., everything) several weeks ago now. This data has been unable to be restored by our beloved host, Sundress Publications. All the data has been backed up separately, though not all of it in a form allowing for speedy restoration.

The crash has forced us re-evaluate together the future of 21 Stars Review and the shape that the restoration will take. Before the data loss, we both had been considering ending (or more precisely 'deactivating') 21 Stars Review. The journal began as an attempt to have a place for experimental formal pieces, both prose and poetry. We have been satisfied with the space that the journal provided for such pieces, as well as other pieces that didn't quite seem to fit in other journals, but that we thought were nonetheless great. Such a space was destined to come to an end, however, if for no other reason than the metaphysical Buddhist/Heraclitean/Whiteheadian 'fact' that nothing is permanent, and especially not 21 Stars Review.

And so, please consider this the end of the active era of our humble journal. However, it is not the end of access to most, if not all, of our accepted pieces, even those yet to be published. We have decided to create a 21 Stars Review anthology in 2009. At the very least, it will be available as a downloadable PDF, but the format has not been determined.

We sincerely appreciate all the wonderful writers who let us read their work over the past two and a half years. If you are reading this, then likely this means you.

L. & C.