Best of the Net 2006  



Tabitha West's "C Sharp" from Eclectica
V.C. Nash's "Unplugged" from Melic Reivew
Gene Justice's "Lash" from poeticdiversity
Eve Stern's "Longing for Pangea" from Blue Fifth Review
Lisa PLantico Carlsson's "Dog Out of Water" from Mosaic Minds
Mary Lynn Reed's "Existential Thread from the Cheap Seats" from Summerset Review
Crispin Oduobuk's "Petrovesk and Polarbywall" from 42 Opus
Eric R. Sysak's "Crow" from 42 Opus
Alan Rossi's "Homecoming King" from Juked
Peter Wild's "Her Stick Figure" from Noo Journal


Laura Jensen's "The Right to be Educated" from Salt River Review
Tess Gallagher's "The Women of Auschwitz" from Salt River Review
Brandon Shimoda's "Lake the Twelfth" from Eucalyptus
Grzegorz Wroblewski's "The Business Trip" from Eclectica (trans. by )
Sam Byfield's "Street Scene" from Eclectica
Brad Bostian's "The Bath" from Eclectica
Anthony McCann's "The Consolation of Literature" from H_NGM_N
Amanda Laughtland's "When I Say Girls, I Mean Women" from Swell
Catherine Chandler's "66" from The Barefoot Muse
Michael Battram's "Painball Loser" from The Barefoot Muse
Arlene Ang's "Scrying sand" from FRiGG
Miriam Sagan's "Anna Semankova" from FRiGG
Smith Browne's "The Cannibal God" from FRiGG
Paul Hostovsky's "Deaf House" from Big Toe Review
Rob Baum's "Blood in the Fields of Peace" from Boxcar Poetry Review
Patricia Bostian's "Winter Soltice" from Boxcar Poetry Review
Jack Anders's "Peach" from from east to west
Cynthia Hogue's "The Seeker" from 42opus
Nicholas Reading's "Recognizing my Mother's Hat in a Silent Film" from 42opus
Reb Livingston & Ravi Shankar's "Wanton Textiles" from Fringe
Rachel Dacus's "No Translation" from Fringe
Kenneth Carroll's "Poetry Circle" from Segue
Ravi Shankar's "Simpatico" from No Tell Motel
Kate Greenstreet's "Book of Love" from No Tell Motel
Kate Schapira's "From 'Pheonix Memory'" from Horseless
Amy King's "Contortionist of Sleep" from three candles
Spencer Drew's "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Pregnancy Test" from Juked
Carrie St. George Comer's "Don't Let Me Forget You" from Born Magazine
Jeanne Murray Walker's "Geese, Tree, Apple, Leaves" from kaleidowhirl
Charles Jensen's "Summer Ends" from New Hampshire Review
Raud Kennedy's "Portland" from NOO Journal