Best of the Net 2007  



Jenny Wales Steele's "Fabled" from Juked
Kyle Hemmings's "Yucatan" from Juked
Chritiana Langenberg's "In-Coming" from Storyglossia
Joseph Murphy's "The Vanity" from The Prick of the Spindle
Mark McBride's "Bath Day" from Salt River Review
Randall Brown's "Good Kid" from Kaleidowhirl


Holaday Mason's "Claimed" from Womb Poetry
Patrick Carrington's "Finding the Sound of an Oak" from Artistry of Life
Kathryn Rantala's "The Hall of Bird Cries" from Siren: A Literary and Art Journal
Cynthia Arrieu-King's "Ascentionist" from Coconut
Julia Cohen's "Sea-Glass Rations" from Coconut
Ben Kopel's "The sign above the toppings read" from Juked
Leslie LaChance's "gifted" from Juked
Sarah Sloat's "Things My Sister Taught Me" from Juked
Kristy Odelius's "Aubade, Big Eyes" from LOCUSPOINT
Paul Martinez-Pompa's "The Body As Weapon, As Inspiration" from LOCUSPOINT
Arlene Ang's "rest : stop" from Fringe
Aaron Anstett's "Free Beer Tomorrow" from Boxcar Poetry Review
Paula Brancato's "A Short Film in 6 Acts" from Lily
Arlene Ang's "Probe" from BluePrintReview
Helen Losse's "Where the Reverie is Apt to Lead" from The Centrifugal Eye
Shann Palmer's "Moirae" from Terrain
Maggie Glover's "Free Stitchery on Readily Countable [Love]" from Prick of the Spindle
M. Frost's "Survey Crew" from The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine
Tim J. Brennan's "veritas" from The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine
Sally Ashton 's "Same Donkey, Different Blanket" from failbetter
Nicholas Alan Harp 's "I Know to You It Might Sound Strange..." from failbetter
Stephen Lindow's "Wine Review (excerpts)" from Big Toe Review
Arlene Angs's "A Portrait of God as Table Wine" from Blue Fifth Review
Ada Limon's "The First" from The Scrambler
Paul Hostovsky's "Pocket Comb" from Umbrella
Naomi Ayala's "Santa Rosa Restaurant" from Belway Poetry Quarterly
Carol Novack's "Once in a field (an antic)" from Segue
Betsy Wheeler's "Reply to an Invitation to a Luncheon" from No Tell Motel
Micki Myers's "Long Ago And Oh, So Far Away" from No Tell Motel