Best of the Net 2007  

Red Bird Prophylactic

I give you my word, and my word has red feathers.
The waves against the dog look
magically delicious. I am not a box of cereal.
You are not the fancy name

for a bird watcher. Still, my word
is a cardinal. And since both of us know it,
letís stop pretending itís a blood-born
pathogen, shall we? Jimmy hat, O Jimmy hat.

My word, my dog; my darling, my cardinal.
Meanwhile, the waves. See how normal
red is. Thereís no need to worry. My word
is a certified electrician crashing against

a dog house. You are not a cereal. I am not
a pretty box. Jimmy hat Jimmy hat, always
wear your Jimmy hat. Fly away cardinal. Go tell it
on the mountain. My word, very frightening,

is final.

-Matt Hart (Past Simple)