Best of the Net 2008  


Not pedal, I mean petal, not
Sin, I meant seen, I said seen, as in
Cinema, scened, as in scenery, do
You see scenery, seen it, have you, not
Halve you, have nor halve you, Iíll halve
Nothing, not a thing, a thing, not
nothing, I said something, I said:
Nothing. Why must you list
And twist my mouth all around
You, listless, we, having nothing
To do, donít make a to-do, make out
What I say, essay, make out, what I want,
To do. I donít mean like love. I donít mean
Like, I mean, I like you, I have always
Liked you, I have always
To like you, not I am like you, I love you,
Too. Yes, two, like loveóI mean like
And love, we two, not lichen are
Likened, I am not you. Not used
To you, no, not a thing, not like nothing,
You too, with me two, both alike, with a love,
Arenít we too? Not like love but a love, not
One, but two, in tune, entombed, no
Used, not you, not quite you.