Best of the Net 2009  



"Speed Love," by Peter Grimes, Waccamaw
"Fugitives," by Tim Jones-Yelvington, PANK
"Waiting," by E.C. Osondu, Guernica
"Ander's Place," by William Males, The Literary Bohemian
"Hammer," by Kevin Wilson, Waccamaw


"Say Something about Child's Play," by Chris Abani from Narrative Magazine
“Inappropriate," by Sherman Alexie from Poemeleon
"A Short History of Unusual Fish," by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz from decomP
"Last Winter," by Bonie Bolling from Cortland Review
"Solidify," by April Michelle Bratten from Drown in My Own Fears
“American Sex Machine," by Jason Bredle from Poemeleon
"Woman Walks a Dwindling River," by Ronda Broatch from Summerset Review
"Drawn to Heroes," by Jessie Carty from Northville Review
“Savannah Rain, West Africa," by Daniela Elza from One Ghana, One Voice
"Talkings," by Natalie Giarratano from Pedestal Magazine
"Canada," by Henrietta Goodman from Guernica
"#23 from Letters to Yesenin," by Jim Harrison from Narrative Magazine
"If My Father Had Died," by Kathleen Hellen from Slant
"The Scientific Method," by Bob Hicok from Anti-
"This Is the World," by Mary Crockett Hill from Juked
"Vertigo," by Michael Homolka from failbetter
"The Long Poem ," by Paul Hostovsky from Big Toe Review
"Superfluities," by Major Jackson from Cortland Review
"SS," by Siel Ju from Fringe
"Boyhood," by Shaylah Kloska from Pedestal Magazine
"Trees are Time,” by Dorianne Laux from Pirene's Fountain Poetry Journal
"61 Tress," by Ada Limon from Indigest Magazine
"Spoon Position," by Daniel Lin from Waccamaw
"Coda," by Andy Macera from Drown in My Own Fears
"Remains," by Dora Malech from Anti-
"A Non-Rhyming Version of the Weather Forecasts for Alaska," by Doug Martin from Big Toe Review
"Accompaniment," by W. S. Merwin from Narrative Magazine
"Sleeping With Robin Hood," by Stephen Mills from PANK
"When a Porn Star Steals a Poet's Name," by Natasha Kochicheril Moni from Toasted Cheese
"Old Bosses," by Alexandra Oliver from Mezzo Cammin
"Neutrinos and the Holy Spirit," by Geoff Page from The Flea
'Second Burial," by Carol Peters from Waccamaw
"Dear God," by Kevin Prufer from Memorious
"Voyager," by Sarah J. Sloat from Juked
"The Cigarette Wheel: Seaside Heights, New Jersey, 1942," by Ralph Sneeden from Memorious
"The Bibliophile," by Mehnaz Turner from Pedestal Magazine
"After the Crocodile Cemetary at Kahun," by Erica Wright from Indigest Magazine