Best of the Net 2009  

Sick Well

He was good at being sick.
After all, he'd been sick for
a very long time.

It wasn't a saleable skill
at first. But when more and more people
began to get sick

he realized he knew something
they didn't. When you're sick
be sick. That

is how to be sick well.
How to be sick well would eventually
become the title

of his first book, which was a best seller.
People who got sick read it
and learned how.

And it was a revolutionary book because
throughout history people who got sick
tried to get well

and often died trying. But until now
no one had ever thought of trying
to be sick well. That

was truly something new. And dying well
would have been the title of his second book
but he died well

before it could.

- Paul Hostovsky (from The Scrambler)