Best of the Net 2010  


Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the publication of the 2010 Best of the Net Anthology. This project continues to promote the diverse and growing collection of voices that are choosing to publish their work online, a venue that still sees little respect from such yearly anthologies as the Pushcart and Best American series. This collection serves to bring greater respect to an innovative and continually expanding medium.

Subsequent issues of the anthology will appear each spring with our submission period open from July 1st to September 30th each year. 2011 judges will be announced in the fall.


Managing Editor: Erin Elizabeth Smith

Poetry Judge: Erin Belieu
Fiction Judge: Michael Knight
Nonfiction Judge: T.A. Noonan

Poetry Coordinator: Erin Elizabeth Smith
Poetry Readers: Michelle Gilliam, Mark Jenkins, Jeffrey H. MacLachlan, Kevin Matz, Benjamin Morris, Josh Robbins

Fiction Coordinator: Anthony Abboreno
Fiction Readers: Lisa Locascio, Chris Muniz, Rob Rabiee

Nonfiction Coordinator: Meagan Cass
Nonfiction Readers: Ashleigh Hardin, l.a. hoffer, Divya Rajan

Artwork: Rhonda Lott