Best of the Net 2010  



"Water", Elaine Bernard from Apple Valley Review
"Brothers", O Thiam Chin from Asia Writes
"Escape Velocity", John Dufresne from Sliver of Stone Magazine
"Hamsters", Stephen Graham Jones from Hobart
"How to be A Great Minimum Wage Retail Worker With Zero Sanity" from Yia Lee, Sliver of Stone Magazine


"The Oldest Guilt I Know", Jon Chopan from Fringe Magazine
"Searching Warps the Mind a Little" from Lori Jakiela, Gulf Stream
"The Perfect Pair" from Erika Kleinman, Apple Valley Review
"Lucky Girl", Bridget Potter from Guernica
"Dead Day Day", Sheila Squillante from Waccamaw
"Bright", Vivian Wagner from Willows Wept Review


"The Last Songbird," by Brian Barker from Memorious: A Journal of New Verse and Fiction
"Traveling in America," by Laurie Barton from Glass: A Journal of Poetry
"Outside the Carnegie Library, 2008," by Jan Beatty from Gulf Stream Magazine
"Loving Cyrus," by R. Dwayne Betts from Guernica
"An Excursion," by Mary Biddinger from The Rumpus
"Appalachian Aubade," by Traci Brimhall from Boxcar Poetry Review
"Shrubs for the Northern Garden," by Maryann Corbett from Autumn Sky Poetry
"The Lapidary Speaks," by Lisa Fay Coutley from Juked
"Honeymoon at the Oxbow Saloon," by Melissa Cundieff from Juked
"Woman Unfinished," by JP Dancing Bear from emprise review
"Riding the Bench," by Jim Daniels from Conte
"The Impossibility of Crows," by Haines Eason from Juked
"Revolution," by Ori Fienberg from PANK Magazine
"The Bottom Line," by Ryan Quinn Flanagan from Toasted Cheese
"A Book for Going Forth by Day," by Stephen Frech from Waccamaw
"From 'The Tinajera Notebook'," by Forrest Gander from The Rumpus
"Oil," by Kim Garcia from The Summerset Review
"Diplomacy," by Kate Greenstreet from Holly Rose Review
"Doctors Without Borders Without Anything," by John Grey from Press 1
"Leaving the Room," by Megan Grumbling from Memorious: A Journal of New Verse and Fiction
"No," by Sandra Hoben from The Raleigh Review
"Evening Report," by T.R. Hummer from Valparaiso Poetry Review
"Agave," by Rose Hunter from BluePrintReview
"Contingency," by Luisa A. Igloria from Lantern Review: A Journal of Asian American Poetry
"Sydney Notebook," by Subhashini Kaligotla from Lantern Review: A Journal of Asian American Poetry
"Joe Louis in Idaho," by David Kirby from Valparaiso Poetry Review
"True/False," by Jenn Koiter from No Tell Motel
"last stop, cold spring," by Jennifer Konig from nthWORD Magazine
"Departure," by Lillian Kwok from Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
"In Angangueo," by Sarah Lindsay from Guernica
"The Pantomime Driver," by Lisa Marie Martin from Fringe Magazine
"from Quantum Leap," by Michael James Martin from Juked
"Crows: The Yard," by Sharon F. McDermott from Eclectica
"Trying To Sell The House," by Joseph Millar from The Raleigh Review
"My Turn Out of the Box," by Felicia Mitchell from Referential Magazine
"The Strongest Men in Town," by Carrie Murphy from PANK Magazine
"Paper Person," by Aimee Nezhukumatathil from The Rumpus
"Salamander," by James Owens from Boxcar Poetry Review
"Las Vegas, Age Fifteen," by Robert Peake from The Raleigh Review
": nightfall, and / : at 37.000 feet," by Patrick M. Pilarski from BluePrintReview
"The Flour Man," by Alberto Rios from The DMQ Review
"God Poem," by Liz Robbins from Gulf Stream Magazine
"35 Miller Drive," by David Roderick from Memorious: A Journal of New Verse and Fiction
"Burial Rites," by Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert from InDigest Magazine
"Blessed Are Those Who Hunger," by Tania Runyan from Autumn Sky Poetry
"If I Forget to Tell," by Maggie Smith from Sweet: A Literary Confection
"Second Dispatch from the Future," by Leigh Stein from InDigest Magazine
"Freddy," by Letitia Trent from Gulf Stream Magazine
"Road Warriors," by Charles Wright from Valparaiso Poetry Review
"Woman Falling," by Franz Wright from diode poetry journal