Best of the Net 2011  



"Familiar Terms," Kelly Cherry from Blackbird
"Baby Stories," Jane Carman from Devil's Lake
"Saint Roger of Fox Chase" from Sean Ennis, Good Men Project
"This is a Jellyfish Eating a Barracude" from Caroline Kepnes, Eclectica
"Cancer Party," Nicola Mason from Blackbird
"Rattlesnake," Erika Swyler from Storychord
"Cordillera" from John Tarkov, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
"The Earth That Stands Before Us" from Elizabeth Weinberg, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal


"Everything, Perfectly Forever," from A. Kendra Greene, Anomalous Press
"Small Love Letters," Kim Dana Kupperman from Brevity
"Meditation on Murder," Yahia Lababidi from Serving House Journal
"The Church of Dead Girls," Anna March from Connotation Press
"Oranges, Orchids, Bromeliads," from Lauren Tamraz, Bluestem Quarterly


"Dear William," by Paulette Beete from Escape into Life
"Missing, Found," by Elizabeth J. Colen from decomP
"Rock and Roll," by David Daniel from Connotation Press
"Travelers," by John Davis from Conte
"The Dream In Which You Are," by Kendra DeColo from Printer's Devil Review
"Colorization (i)," by Tarfia Faizullah from Diode
"Bolt Action: A Lesson in Difficult Subjects," by Maggie Glover from MAYDAY
"A Fable for Aesop," by Jonathan Harris from Raleigh Review
"Red Paint Hill," by Chris Hayes from Steel Toe Review
"Overlooked Heroine, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus," by Kathleen Heideman from decomP
"Animal Griefs," by Sally Rosen Kindred from Conte
"the fidelity of epitaphs (20 days later)," by Marty McConnell from Muzzle Magazine
"My Magnum Opus," by Catfish McDerris from Steel Toe Review
"So I Was a Coffin," by Gerardo Mena from Winning Writers- War Poetry Contest
"The Other Man Responds," by Curtis X Meyer from Borderline
"Ars Poetica OR Salsa Lesson," by John Murillo from Kweli
"Sparrow-sized, The Grave," by C.J. Opperthauser from decomP
"I Keep Having This Dream," by Brenda Paro from Glass: A Journal of Poetry
"Cumberland Gap," by Kevin Powers from Diode
"The Sheet Music of Place," by Alberto Rios from Superstition Review
"A Fistful of Flowers," by Rebecca Schumedja from Red Fez Publications
"Only water is meant to be breathing," by Kent Shaw from Memorious: A Journal of new Verse and Fiction
"Bay," by Michael D. Snedicker from At Length Magazine
"Where His Lines Run," by Adam Tavel from At Length Magazine
"Anchor Baby," by Harols Terezon, Clint Campbell, Carleen Tibbetts, Kaira Jordan Ki, Anne Yale and Omer Zalmanowitz from BluePrintReview
"Concerto for the Left Hand," by Adam Tessier from Memorious: A Journal of new Verse and Fiction
"Ecosystem," by Alinda Dickinson Wasner from Up The Staircase Quarterly
"The Theory of Moths," by Phillip B. Williams from Boxcar Poetry Review
"An Emigrant's Winter," by Pui Ying Wong from decomP
from "Ardency: A Chronicle of the Amistad Rebels," by Kevin Young from At Length Magazine