Best of the Net 2011  

Reading the Tells

Antidepressants in coastal waters are turning shrimp suicidal.
They swim toward bright rays when they should not.

Perhaps their beady eyes suspect something delectable
in the radiance; or perhaps they secretly want a way out.

Regardless, they do not ask, Why me? They do not ponder, Why me?
Their swimmerets send them foraging ahead and ahead they go.

I am depressed about antidepressants depressing others for I too
am drawn toward bright light. I too am a forager and a late bloomer

with less and less elasticity. I seek pleasantries from you and you and you
and wish to survive beyond familiar spoons and chairs.

There is a voice I recognize as mine. To save something.
To feel a dangerous shade of red and then a rushing blankness.

- Leslie Seldin (from Sixth Finch)