Best of the Net 2011  

from I Am A Very Productive Entrepreneur

I started this one business that rented out parts of people's lives to other people.

Let's say you've been working on a novel about guys who get lost inside a cave system & then discover that they are actually pools of milky light, but you have no experience spelunking--you just rent out a few years of memories from one of our spelunkers.

Suppose you work hard, long hours at The Office of National Drug Control Policy & you love your job & you love that you make a difference, but you also strangely envy the life of the junkie. Rent those memories from us.

You can never know the mind of another person, even in the moment someone's sweat mingles with yours. Empathy is a convenient fable of morality. But for a small fee we could change that.

- Mathias Svalina (from Sixth Finch)