Best of the Net 2012  




Marie-Helene Bertino's "Say Goodbye to your Father" from Treehouse
Jessi Lee Gaylord's "Had You Been a Believer, You'd Have Known You Were Headed for Hell" from Up the Staircase Quarterly
Sarah Kokernot's "Sacred Bone" from decomP
Kea Marie's "Fatherhood" from Revolution House
Nina McConigley's "White Wedding" from Memorious
Gabriel Morley's "Humidity" from drafthorse literary journal
Dawn Paul's "11 PM at Star City" from Apple Valley Review


Chelsey Clammer's "Bodyhome" from Revolution House
Judy Goldman's "Excerpt from Losing My Sister" from drafthorse literary journal
Linda Niemann's "They Wear Gray Clothes" from Flycatcher: A Journal of Native Imagination
Chris Galvin Nguyen's "The Flood Season" from Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
Daniela Olszewska's "After an Act-of-God" from Devil's Lake
Carter Sickels's "Photograph, 2007" from Still: The Journal


Piper Abernathy's "Voice-over" from Memorious: A Journal of New Verse & Fiction
Rick Barot's "Sonnet" from Diode Poetry Journal
Michele Battiste's "Reprimand" from Redheaded Stepchild
Martha Christina's "Winter Feeding" from Apple Valley Review
Kendra DeColo's "The Guitarist" from Vinyl Poetry
Travis Wayne Denton's "The Closest I Ever Got to Waylon Jennings Was Meeting Johnny Cash" from torySouth
Ansel Elkins's "Blues for the Death of the Sun" from Guernica Magazine
Juliana Gray's "Zucchini" from Waccamaw
Brett Harrington's "Unable to Sleep" from Pebble Lake Review
Brad Henderson's "December Calving" from The Journal
Rebecca Gayle Howell's "How to Cure" from storySouth
Rebecca Gayle Howell's "How to Kill a Hen" from Still: The Journal
Terry L. Kennedy's "Mississippi Radio" from Waccamaw
Vénús Khoury-Ghata; trans. Marilyn Hacker's "The mother's red hair stained our sheets" from Tongue: A Journal of Writing and Art
Quinn Latimer's "Against Night" from Vinyl Poetry
Maurice Manning's "Passion" from Still: The Journal
Maurice Manning's "Work" from drafthorse literary journal
Monica McClure's "France is a Long Way From Paris, Texas" from InDigest
Marty McConnell's "song of the mysterious and elusive female ejaculation" from Union Station Magazine
Erika Meitner's "The Architecture of Memory" from Waccamaw
Norman Minnick's "Birds and Beasts" from Mobius: The Journal of Social Change
Lora Rivera's "UAV Pilot" from Gemini Magazine
José Manuel Sevilla's "Sonia Wants to Rent an Apartment" from Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
Don Thompson's "Late Harvest" from Earthshine
Corey Van Landingham's "The Architecture of Fathers" from Devil's Lake
Wendy Xu's "In the Year the Hero Becomes a Fixture of His Landscape" from Anti- Poetry
Daryl Yam's "Change Your Heart; Look Around You" from Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
Jake Adam York's "Letter Written on the James" from Diode Poetry Journal
Jake Adam York's "Secession [Evidence collects beneath the cancelled stars]" from Jet Fuel Review