Best of the Net 2012  


In my American dream,
you started to sing
the national anthem,
but the words got lost,
and I had to rescue you
and throw an arm around
your little shoulder
just like Mo Cheeks did.
In my America, though,
the t-shirt guns were
aimed at us in case
we got anything wrong.
No one posted the video
on YouTube or made us
the feel-good story
on the local news.
Instead, you were sent
to Quebec to learn
the first seven lines
of "O Canada" in French,
and I was sent to
Mexico to coach
the Lechugueros.
I sent you a postcard
each week telling you
not to forget what
the stars and stripes
had done for us—
blindfolded us,
spun us, and put
a stick in our hands.

- Rob MacDonald (from inter|rupture)