Best of the Net 2013  

It's Hard For Me To Think Of My Heart As Anything

but heavy pink organ. And there's no better organ
than Steve Winwood's in the Spencer Davis Group.
I listen to "Gimme Some Lovin'" to feel something
other than a hawk-call off the canyon wall.
Because it's manic. Rubber bones and new color.
A borrowed pulse rattling my palpitations.
I'm trying to compose my days into movements
of joy and kindness—which sounds like the bullshit
I see on kitchen magnets, but really, I can't think
of anything better to guard the left over slice of pizza.
A good garlicy crust is a joy. To appreciate the quality
of pizza ingredients is a kindness. To listen is a joy.
To listen is a kindness. To be interested is a joy.
To forgive one's self is a kindness. Forgive me,
Heart, for forgetting you're also a basketball,
an old birch tree, a good 45, a firecracker, dancing
with an August woman, a heavy pink organ.

- Rob Kenagy (from Vinyl Poetry)