Best of the Net 2014  



Katie Cortese's "Independence Day" from Devil's Lake
Rachel Garringer's "Vultures" from Still: The Journal
Kelsie Hahn's "Ilsebill in the Night Alone" from Nonbinary Review
Edward Helfers' "Dog Years" from Nashville Review
Laura Ellen Scott's "A Picture of a Man in a Top Hat" from The Collagist
Andrew Siegrist's "The Shinebone" from Revolution John
Eric Thompson's "Make a Racket" from Sundog Lit


Courtney Preiss' "Things American: The Boys of My Youth (Baseball Seasons 1989-2014)" from American Short Fiction
Karl Sherlock's "Clear" from Lime Hawk
Carmen Gimenez Smith's "All Artworks are Riddles" from Drunken Boat
Kelly Sundberg's "It Will Look Like a Sunset" from Guernica Magazine
Jill Talbot's and Justin Lawrence Daugherty's "On Writing, Like Lust" from Pithead Chapel


Fatimah Asghar's "For Jonylah Watkins, Who Was Shot 5 Times While Her Father Was Changing Her Diaper" from Radius
Derrick Austin's "Cathedral" from Memorius
Michael Bazzett's "The Date" from Blackbird
Lauren Camp's "Visit to Iraq" from Pea River Journal
Anders Carlson-Wee's "Riding the Owl's Eye" from New Delta Review
Brandon Courtney's "Bodega" from Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Brandon Courtney's "Mawpin" from Gulf Stream Magazine
Brandon Courtney's "Prometheus" from Guernica
Karen Craigo's "Haiku, Late Summer (A Prayer)" from TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics
Jim Daniels' "The Lincoln Death Chair" from Wake: Great Lakes Thought & Culture
Susan Defreitas' "Fear of Men" from Heart Journal Online
Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton's "Manifesto" from Arsenic Lobster
Carolina Ebeid's "Punctum: Transom" from Waxwing
William Evans' "Django Sonnet #3" from FreezeRay
Sasha Fletcher's "Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies" from Swarm
Gabrielle Freeman's "What It Takes to Keep Me" from Melancholy Hyperbole
Emily Kendal Frey's "A Metaphor is an Invitation to a Way of Life" from Sixth Finch
Noelle Kocot's "The Problem of Evil" from Eleven Eleven
Larry Levis' "Elegy with a Darkening Trapeze Inside It" from Blackbird
Al Maginnes' "How Things Break in This World" from Pea River Journal
Stephen S. Mills' "A History of Marriage" from The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought
Tania Pryputniewicz's "Thumbelina" from NonBinary Review
Shelley Puhak's "Letter to a Classmate Who Died Young" from District Lit
Mary Ruefle's "What Ye Went Out Into May to See?" from Pinwheel
Caitlin Scarano's "Praise" from The Poet's Billow
Natalie Shapero's "Passing and Violence" from Pinwheel
Danez Smith's "Dear White America" from Heart Journal Online
Danez Smith's "king the color of space/tower of molasses & marrow" from The Paris-American
Matt Sumpter's "Urban Phone Pole" from Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment
Adam Tavel's "The 1909 Maryland Field Phantoms of Lewis Wickes Hine, National Child Labor Committee Photographer" from Passages North
Philip Terman's "Teaching my Daughter the Mourner's Kaddish" from Blue Lyra Review