Best of the Net 2014  


Amber Atiya's "assimilation" from Blunderbuss Magazine
Georgia Bellas' "How Not to Win at Big Buck Hunter" from Cartridge Lit
Ash Bowen's "Murder in the Red Barn" from Baltimore Review
Michelle Y. Burke's "Driving Alone" from The Boiler
Jamison Crabtree's "Lament for Dracula" from apt
Joanne Rocky Delaplaine's "The Letter O" from Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Anne Delatte's "solstice" from New Delta Review
Ting Gou's "The Fig Wasp" from Ghost Ocean
Julia Heney's "Farmer's Song" from Devil's Lake
Dennis Hinrichsen's "Farm House (Burning Down)" from the museum of americana
Richie Hofmann's "Midwinter" from The Adroit Journal
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins' "Eve" from Sundog Lit
Gina Keicher's "Assemblage Best Seen" from Big Lucks
Sally Wen Mao's "Myopia: A Cartography" from Blackbird
Nate Marshall's "palindrome" from Nashville Review
Clay Matthews' "Mausoleum" from Thrush Poetry Journal
Ali Shapiro's "Leave Me Alone But Take Me With You" from decomP
G.C. Waldrep's "A Temperature Through Which Cold Barters" from The Cortland Review
Emily Yoon's "News" from Tinderbox Poetry Journal