Best of the Net 2015  


Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the publication of the 2015 Best of the Net Anthology. This project continues to promote the diverse and growing collection of voices who are publishing their work online, a venue that continues to see less respect from such yearly anthologies as the Pushcart and Best American series. This anthology serves to bring greater respect to an innovative and continually expanding medium in the same medium in which it is published.

Subsequent issues of the anthology will appear each spring with our submission period open from July 1st to September 30th each year. 2016 judges will be announced in the fall.


Managing Editor: Darren C. Demarree
Editorial Assistant: Jane Huffman
Founding Editor: Erin Elizabeth Smith
Editors-at-Large: Erin Elizabeth Smith & T.A. Noonan

Poetry Judge: Bruce Bond
Poetry Coordinator: Nick McRae
Poetry Readers: Jasmine An, Julie Brooks Barbour, Kate Belew, Jennifer Jackson Berry, Luci Brown, Conor Burke, Jake Cross, Jennie Frost, Richie Hofmann, Grant Howard, Jane C. Huffman, Mark Allen Jenkins, Madeline Johnson, Melanie Jordan, Luke Marinac, Matt Morton, Michael Marberry, Hunter Parsons, Chris Petruccelli, Saara Myrene Raappana, Erin Radcliffe, Eric Smith, Megan Standbrook, Sydney Bolding Thomason

Fiction Judge: Brian Oliu
Fiction Coordinator: Meagan Cass
Fiction Readers: Katie Bell, Adam Blake, Ali Borger, Emily Capettini, Kristen Chenoweth, Emily Choate, Beth Couture, Aubrie Cox, Courtney Cox, David Garvey, Liz Giorgi, Annie Gough, Shasta Grant, Ryan Griffiths, Simon Han, Jen Stein Hauptmann, Lisa Higgs, Les Kay, Joe Lafata, Ted Morrissey, Hannah Rose Newman, Penny Pennell, Stephanie Lee Phillips, Anne Rasmussen, Forrest Roth, Donnie Squires, Letitia Trent, and Kami Westoff

Nonfiction Judge: Kate Schmitt
Nonfiction Coordinator: Nicole Oquendo
Nonfiction Readers: Liz Ashe, Joshua Begley, Christopher Bennett, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Jennifer Jackson Berry, April Michelle Bratten, Robin Buda, Alexandra Chiasson, Karen Craigo, Jen Stein Hauptman, Adelia Johnson, Rachelle Fox, Micah Lally, Logan McDonald , Gabrielle Montesanti, Adam Nicholson, Kyle Roach, Anthony Robinson, Megan Rogers, Heather Salus, M.R. Sheffield, Mike Shier, and Robert Slattery

Sundress Interns: Hunter Parsons, Jacob Cross, Rhiannon Thorne, Graham Bonnington, Devyn Fussman, and Rebecca Klingsten

Artwork: "Easy as Grief" by Rhonda Lott