Best of the Net 2015  



Chris Ames' "What Happened Next Was All At Once" from Big Luck Books
Craig Bernardini's "Fat Kid" from Memorious
Jennifer Down's "Vox Clamintis" from Blue Mesa Review
Kristy Logan's "Rental Heart" from Story Chord
Kelly Magee's "Feed: A Definition" from Threadcount Magazine
Zach VandeZande's "Accord" from Adroit Journal
Chavisa Woods' "What's Happening on the News" from Quaint Magazine
William Yarborough's "Hurricane Season" from Right Hand Pointing
Marline Zadig's "Of Two Minds" from Split Lip Magazine


Farnaz Fatemi's "The Color of the Bricks" from Tupelo Quarterly
Sandra Gail Lambert's "The Last Period" from Midway Journal
Christine Hyung-Oak Lee's "Date and Time of Loss" from Sundog Lit
Alicia Cat's "Bluff Country" from Quaint Magazine
Brenda Miller's & Lee Gulyas's "Come Closer" from Sweet: A Literary Confection


Ruth Awad's "Tracers" from KYSO Flash
Jia Oak Baker's "Liberation" from Good Men Project
Trevino L. Brings Plenty's "Ghost River" from Waxwing
Jenny Browne's "In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing" from Blackbird
Zelda Chappel's "The Muscle Feast" from Yellow Chair Review
Leila Chatti's "...Erm, What is His Name Again?" from Cartridge Lit
Aaron Coleman's "St. Inside & Not" from Tupelo Quarterly
Tarfia Faizullah's "Dark Pairing" from Muzzle Magazine
Anna Finn's "When My Sister Tells Me She Doesn't Believe in God Anymore" from Boxcar Poetry Review
B.K. Fischer's "Phallophilia" from Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Ross Gay's "A Small Needful Fact" from The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database
Ray Gonzalez's "South Past Albuquerque" from
Kamala Gopalakrishnan's "Study of the Common Cold" from Pretty Owl
Lauren Gordon's "This Was Ugly" from Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal
Kirun Kapur's "Girls Girls Girls" from AGNI
Jill Khoury's "39 Ways to Disappear" from Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal
Rasaq Malik's "An Elegy" from One
Gretchen Marquette's "Know Me" from Midway Journal
Rajiv Mohabir's "Ancestor" from Quarterly West
Erika Muelller's "The Winter Her Cancer Returns" from Duende Literary
Erin Mullikin's "Acrobatics, Water" from Ostrich Review
Emily O'Neill's "Orioles" from Synaesthesia Magazine
Paige Quiñones' "Summer, Or Daughters I Haven't Met" from The Boiler
Patrick Rosal's "Uptown Ode that Ends on an Ode to the Machete" from Four Way Review
Leah Silvieus' "Water Street Elegy" from Boxcar Poetry Review
Sarah J Sloat's "Newlyweds, Ukraine 1986" from DMQ Review
Patricia Smith's "suitcases of the insane" from Burrow Press Review
Christina Stoddard's "What if God Had Said It Differently" from storySouth
Adam Vines' "Tell Me a Story" from Waccamaw
Shelley Wong's "Prayer" from West Trestle Review
C. Dale Young's "At Lake Merced" from The Collagist
Orooj-e-Zafar's "You Are, You Will Be" from cahoodaloodaling