Best of the Net 2015  


Gabrielle Bates' "Carousel" from Guernica Magazine
Todd Boss' "When We Say Knuckle Down" from
Anne Champion's "The Most Terrible Thing" from Midway Journal
Chen Chen's "Write a Letter to Your Mother About Your Longest Winter" from Maps For Teeth
Melissa Cundieff-Pexa's "Poem for Infinite Returns" from PHANTOM
Claudia Emerson's "Bird Ephemera" from Blackbird
Claudia Emerson's "MRI" from One Magazine
Katherine Frain's "Ohio Highway Song (Lying Poem #32)" from Boxcar Poetry Review
Jacqui Germain's "Conjuring: A Lesson in Words and Ghosts" from Muzzle Magazine
Jennifer Givhan's "If the Jornada del Muerto Had a Trachea" from Blue Mesa Review
Rachel Eliza Griffiths' "Elegy" from The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database
Kirun Kapur's "Girls Girls Girls" from AGNI
Megan Kerns' "Talking Through the Animals" from Hawaii Pacific Review
Nick Makoha's "Candidate A" from One Throne Magazine
Sandra Meek's "Welwitschia mirabilis, Namib Desert" from
Jennifer Moore's "The Veronica Maneuver" from Memorious
Patrick Rosal's "Despedida: Quezon City" from The Collagist
Eric Tran's "The First X-Ray" from DIALOGIST
Eric Tran's "My Mother Asks How I Was Gay Before Sleeping with a Man" from Voicemail Poems