Best of the Net 2017  


Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the publication of the 2017 Best of the Net Anthology. This project continues to promote the diverse and growing collection of voices who are publishing their work online, a venue that continues to see less respect from such yearly anthologies as the Pushcart and Best American series. This anthology serves to bring greater respect to an innovative and continually expanding medium in the same medium in which it is published.

Subsequent issues of the anthology will appear each spring with our submission period open from July 1st to September 30th each year. 2018 judges will be announced in the fall.


Managing Editor: Darren C. Demaree
Editorial Assistant: Macy French
Founding Editor: Erin Elizabeth Smith
Editor-at-Large: Erin Elizabeth Smith

Poetry Judge: Eduardo Corral
Poetry Coordinator: Sarah A. Chavez
Poetry Readers: Michael Albright, DeMisty Bellinger, Kristi Carter, Jennifer Case, Ching-In Chen, Monica Claesson, Jennifer Dean, Molly Fuller, Kenyatta JP García, Charles Jensen, Nima Kianfar, Nicole Lawrence, Cody Lumpkin, Jennifer Martelli, Cynthia McComas, Elizabeth Mobley, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Miguel M. Morales, Jennifer Perrine, Veroníca Reyes, Ashley Roach, ire’ne lara silva, Eric Smith, Jeff Tigchelaar, and Jackie Vega

Fiction Judge: Gabino Iglesias
Fiction Coordinator: Sam Slaughter
Fiction Readers: Kurt Baumeister, Katherine Bell, Helen Stead Bentz, Maureen Bocka, Noah Bogdanoff, Emily Choate, Sarah Clark, Anthony DiPietro, Kristen Figgins, Tempus Helter, Lisa Higgs, Jennifer Schomburg Kanke, Heather Leigh, Sean Patrick McKnight, Jake Moore, Erica Olsen, Alec Osthoff, Penny Pennell, Terri Procopio, Anne Rasmussen, Rebecca Renner, Forrest Roth, Tammy Sherwood, Jared Smith, Lauren Sullivan, Nick Sweeney, Stephanie Kelly Thompson, Erin Vaughan, Kami Westhoff, Keri Withington, and Adam Wright

Nonfiction Judge: Nicole Walker
Nonfiction Coordinator: Zoë Estelle Hitzel
Nonfiction Readers: Elizabeth Colen, Wendy Dwiddle, Alana Folsom, Kasey Grady, Gavin McCall, Ellen Orner, Stephanie Lee Phillips, Maurine Pful, Lacey Rowland, Erica Trabold, and Courtney Whited

Sundress Interns: Tierney Bailey and Lacey Trautwein

Artwork: "Ursula Le Guin" by Rhonda Lott