Best of the Net 2017  



Maria Isabel Alvarez's "Strawberry Girl" from Gulf Coast
Tyler Gof Barton's "K" from Waxwing
Jenny Bhatt's "The Waiting" from Lunch Ticket
Courtney Craggett's "Astromorphosis" from Waxwing
Trinie Dalton's "The Uptight Woodswoman" from Queen's Mob Tea House
Lydia Davis's "The Translator on New Year's Eve" from Juxtapose Magazine
Julia Dixon Evans's "In a Classroom, After the War" from Collapsar
Kathy Fish's "Terminals" from Lost Balloon
Katie Young Foster's "Babymoon" from The Boiler
Caitlin Friel's "Distance: A Case Study of You and I" from Hawaii Pacific
Jesse Goolsby's "We Drag Our Feet near the Stingrays" from Blackbird
Marc Jacobs's "Daddy Says" from Driftwood Press
Meghan Lamb's "The Widower" from The Boiler
Serena W. Lin's "The Speed of Love" from Drunken Boat
Judy Oldfield's "Their Lists Long, Their Spreadsheets Lost" from Talking Writing
Courtney Prather's "Little Birch Tree" from 805 Lit
Sara Rich's "The Twice Born Daughter" from Cold Mountain Review
Debbie Vance's "Quartzite" from Blue Mesa Review


Kayleb Rae Candrilli's "This House Is Obvious" from The Adroit Journal
Camille Dungy's "Notes from the Lower Level" from Guernica
Kay Gram's "In Pieces" from Tethered by Letters
Tessa Mellas's "When Birds Devour the Breadcrumb Trail" from Grist
Jennifer Militello's "The Repairs" from The Collagist
Kat Moore's "Splashes of Light" from Sidereal Magazine
Kathy Ng's "Degrees of Entanglement" from Construction
Chelsea Laine Wells's "His Teeth" from The Collapsar


Lana Bella's "White Herons" from Cold Creek Review
Caroline Cabrera's "After: Four" from Nightjar Review
Cortney Lamar Charleston's "A Brief History of Violence" from TriQuarterly
Wendy Chen's "All Their Awful Particles" from Florida Review
Kazumi Chin's "道 (MICHI)" from Underblong
Jasmine-Cui's "When They Tell Me to Imagine the American Dream" from Breakwater Review
Craig Finlay's "Four Winds Field" from Twyckenham Notes
Ariel Francisco's "Pissing on the Lawn of a Foreclosed Home" from Yes Poetry
Tahel Frosh's "This is What Happened" (translated by Yosefa Raz) from Ilanot Review
Christian Anton Gerard's "Physics" from 3Elementst
Elisa Gonzalez's "Furies" from Lambda Literary
torrin a. greathouse's "Masturbating to Greek Myths" from Lunch Ticket
Nathalie Handal's "Une Fin" from Kettle Blue Review
Lee Herrick's "Echolocation" from Hyphen Magazine
Bob Hicok's "The bright side" from The American Journal of Poetry
Lucia LoTempio's "Facsimile of a Bedroom in the Wheatfield" from Quarterly West
Mia Ayumi Malhotra's "Mia Ayumi Malhotra" from Hyphen Magazine
Gail Martin's "Their Shapes Determined By How Cold The Air" from Baltimore Review
Terri Muuss's "Affidavit" from Autumn Sky Poetry
Alysse McCanna's "It's Not Like the Movies" from The Tishman Review
Rachel Nagelberg's "Do Androids Dream of Dick" from Masque & Spectacle
Claire Paniccia's "Academy of the Holy Names, 2001" from Boxcar Poetry Review
Xandria Phillips's "We Cosmology" from The Shallow Ends
Sosha Pinson's "God-The-Mother in My Bedroom As A Fossil My Dad Brought From The Mines" from Still: The Journal
Caroline Rayner's "pink noise" from Peach Mag
Chavonn Williams Shen's "Alternate Names for Poetry" from The Coil
Nghiem Tran's "Conversation with Cat" from Underblong
Genevieve Williams's "Threat" from Bear Review
M. Wright's "All-American Roommate" from cahoodaloodaling
Tiffany Wu's "中文到英文字典" from Black Napkin Press
Joanne Jackson Yelenik's "A Chat" from Unbroken Journal