Best of the Net 2016  



Kayla Blatchley' "A Longitudinal Study of Bodies and Access" from Nightblock
Leesa Cross-Smith's "Low, Small" from Blue Fifth Review
Kevin Eze's "Sisters' Fight" from Adda
Megan Giddings' "The New Audacious Line" from New South
Lindsey Harding's "Lard List Label" from apt
Kevin Maloney's "King of the Pit" from Barrelhouse
Jen Neale's "Pool People" from The Masters Review
Frani O'Toole's "Vacancy" from The Blueshift Journal
Bushra Rehman's "Ajax, Raid, Mr. Clean" from The Blueshift Journal
Ashley Shelby's "LinkedIn Thought..." from Alternating Current


Darlene P. Campos's "What I Never Told my Father" from Drunk Monkeys
Melissa De Silva's "Meeting with the Sea" from Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
Timothy Gomez's "A List of the Things I've Watched Die" from The Boiler Journal
Julie Jeanell Leung's "Skeletogenesis" from Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts
Saeide Mirzaei's "The Half-Buttoned Effect" from Lunch Ticket


Kaveh Akbar's "This Could've Been Yours If You Wanted It" from The Collagist
Fatimah Asghar's "Mother" from The Adroit Journal
Fatimah Asghar's "If Ever I Should Have a Child with a White Person" from The Nashville Review
Kayla Rae Candrilli's "Tucson in the Future" from Rappahannock Review
Dara Cerv's "~O~" from NightBlock
Cindy Carlson's "Is this California—" from Transom Journal
Cortney Lamar Charleston's "The Hood" from The Journal
Cortney Lamar Charleston's "I'm Not a Racist" from One Throne
Tiana Clark's "Bear Witness" from Thrush Poetry Journal
Kendra DeColo's "Sometimes God's Work Is Sloppy But It's Always on Time" from The Nashville Review
Chelsea Dingman's "The Year Between Storms" from Phoebe
Safia Elhillo's "The Part I Keep Forgetting" from Sakura Review
Claudia Emerson's "The Wheel" from Waxwing
Jennifer Givhan's "I've Carried an ‘Elephant'" from Connotation Press
Jessica Goodfellow's "Across a Crevasse, My Uncle" from DMQ Review
Jennifer Givhan's "On Contemplating Leaving My Children" from Muzzle Magazine
Jennifer Givhan's "Inca Ice Maiden, Momia Juanita" from Reservoir Journal
Kimberly Grey's "A Difficult System" from The Collapsar
Courtney Gustafson's "Grief Reaction" from Eclectia Magazine
Rachel Inez Lane's "Goodnight, You" from Quarterly West
Bojan Louis's "If Nothing, the Land" from Matter Monthly
Erin J. Mullikin's "In Which I Am Dying" from Ghost Ocean Magazine
Nkosi Nkululeko's "Yes, It Is Beautiful" from Sakura Review
Jackson Sabbagh's "Etch A Sketch" from Rust + Moth
Justin Phillip Reed's "When I am the Reaper" from The Offing
Kathleen Rooney's "Le Corde Sensible" from Kettle Blue Review
Sara Ryan's "Blossom Rot" from Reservoir Journal
Dahlia Seroussi's "We Can Never Be Brothers" from Passages North
Maggie Smith's "Dear" from Thrush Poetry Journal
Maggie Smith's "Good Bones" from Waxwing
Nomi Stone's "After Your Thermogram and Sonogram" from Reservoir Journal
Adeeba Shahid Talukder's "On Lightning and Rest" from Glass: A Journal of Poetry
Wendy Chin-Tanner's "Index" from The Margins
Sara Tracey's "Anna Dreams of Heat and Light" from Jet Fuel Review
Maw Shein Win's "Objects" from Up the Staircase Quarterly
Ryo Yamaguchi's "Vacation" from Prodigal