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How Not to Greet Famous people - Ducts.org First book publication!
The webzine of personal stories...

Jonathan Kravetz

So -- you're here and you're curious to know what's going on with your favorite literary webzine. Well, I don't want to keep you too long because there are over forty-five new works in this issue and they're all tremendous. You'll enjoy our usual cavalcade of essays, fiction, humor, poetry and art, plus our most diverse Stage yet.

Highlights from This Issue

Essays: Heather Hewett
"Dog Days and Dark Nights"
Blackouts from Senegal to Manhattan


Profiles: Vivian Conan
"My Big Fat Greek Car Repair Party"


Fiction: Robert Jeske
"The Circus"
A young man chooses between ART (a Walter Pater scholar) and EROS (a hunk named Rockey)


Humor: Paul MacTavish
"Praise for Codename: Vengeance"
Revenge of the blurb...


Art Gallery: Small Worlds
Five artists featured in this section: SayumiYokouchi, Kevin Ford, Dave Marin, Patrick Jacobs, and Rob de Mar.

Donna by Gloria Reina · Dog Days and Dark Nights by Heather Hewett · Mystery Van by Helen Rafferty · Reunited, Again by Paul Data
The Moments Between by Helen Zelon · Beauty through Broken Glass by Millie Ehrlich · Naked Man by Tom Fast · You'll Eat a Peck of Dirt by Richard Willis · On and Off Medicine: The Adventures of Bi-Polar Disorder by Cynthia Battles · Number One Son by J.B. Miller

Telepathy by Mitchell Levenberg · Secure Sites by Juliann Garey · Circus by Robert Jeske · The Haircut by Marge Lurie · Jeff/Lynn by Corey Mesler

Art Gallery

Small Worlds: Sayumi Yokouchi, Kevin Ford, Dave Marin, Patrick Jacobs and Rob de Mar, curated by Rachel Uffner and Cindy Moore · Featured Artist: The Sculpture of Jeff Willams Text by Cindy Moore

A Pistol in a Plaster Fist and I Still Blame You by Sarah L. Knowles · Bing Went First by C.H. Coleman · Following My Shadows and Menopause by Richie Smith · More..

My Big Fat Greek Car Repair Party by Vivian Conan

Ducts Stage
Tongues and Taxis by Mike Overbeck · August Strindberg and Helium by Bradley and Bewley · Hearsay: An Outloud Anthology Performances recorded live at the Slipper Room, NYC

Title: Searching for Joaquin by Mark Dworkin · On Reading a First Novel by Paul R. Hundt

Sri Lankan Swoon by Benjamin Malcolm · Have you hugged your crystal egg today? by Bill Bilodeau

Awesome Factory Comics Issue #7 by Aaron Bergeron · Profiles in American History by Dan McCoy · Matthew Barney's Cremaster Class by J. B. Miller · More..

Best of Ducts
The Pitts by Jonathan Kravetz · Graffiti Art by Kevin Dresser · A Letter to My Father on the Eleventh Anniversary of His Death by Stephanie Hart