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Contest: I found it at the movies - Best Personal Essay
The webzine of personal stories...

Jonathan Kravetz

Ducts.org has grown and changed in remarkable ways over the last several years. First, we ushered in a new, state-of-the art design. Then we launched our first-ever writing contest, "I Found it at the Movies." And now we have introduced our own publishing wing, Greenpoint Press...

I Found it at the Movies... Contest Winners

Life of a Salesman
Ronni Krasnow
Winner of the I Found it at the Movies writing contest.

Continuous Showings
Donna Scott
Second Place Winner.

Highlights from This Issue

Essays: Mindy Greenstein, Ph.D
"The Clock on the Wall"
On Dying, Denying and the Search for Hope


Stage: Philip Shane
"Banal to the Bone"
He's the most controversial artist who ever lived!


Humor: Chris Genoa
"Interview with Chris Genoa"
Koko the Gorilla interviews controversial author

+ Fiction: Linda Boroff
"Angie Gets a Job"

Art Gallery: A Story Being Told
"The art of Holly Coulis, Matthew Fisher, and Ridley Howard"
Curated and Written by Christina Vassallo

Crazy by Paige Bernhardt • The Clock on the Wall by Mindy Greenstein, Ph.D • The Memorial Service by Aileen Hewitt • Cathartes Aura (Defecatorus) by Elisabeth Ann McGrath • Our Messy Places by Lily Dulan
Armand and God by Millie Ehrlich • Naked Man Journal by Tom Fast • Reality - What a Concept by Sunsh Stein • The Big Hill by Richard Willis • More...

The Focus of the Thousand Mile Stare by S. Brady Tucker • Angie Gets a Job by Linda Boroff • Resolution by Philippe Stessel • Diary Excerpt by J.D. Smith • Flamenco by Erich R. Sysak

Art Gallery
A Story Being Told Curated and Written by Christina Vassallo • Hand over Hand - The Artists Books of Sharon Gilbert Text by Cindy Moore • Second Comings, End-Times Visions and Third Impressions the artwork of
Aaron Zimmerman
Interview by Adam Barraclough
Saturday night at Freda's by Craig Kirchner •Paradox by Luanne Castle • Three Months Sober by Jenni Russell • What? Nic Darling
In the Land of the Decrepit by Marilyn Meiselman
Ducts Stage
Banal to the Bone Directed by Phil Shane • TwisT Directed by Federico Hatoum Written by Julie Fiedler • CIA Nights Berlin Post Listening
Am I blue? So hip, it glows in the dark by D.B. Cox • My Man Van by Stephen Mead • Math and God, God and Math by Angelo Ancheta
This couch come with a widescreen? by Bill Bilodeau • A Reawakening by Benjamin Malcolm • Romance on the Open Road by Helen Rafferty
Museum Tour of Tears by Jake Novak • Just One of the Guys by Devon T. Coleman • College Envy by Dan McCoy •George W. Bush for Direct TV by Laura Buchholz • More...
Best of Ducts
The Tunnel by Anonymous •
Dyspnea by Mitchell Levenberg • An Evening with William Burroughs Richard Goodman