Alabama Steve by Karyna McGlynn

Karyna McGlynn's chapbook Alabama Steve is a swirl of captivating Deep South truisms, borderline psychosis, fame, and poignant still-life. She employs an ambitious layering of realities with imagination, meaning that her characters are often tasked with clarifying their own realities. This gyroscopic consciousness volleys from small town porches to university offices to Ecuador, often meeting and re-meeting Alabama Steve himself. McGlynn displays anxiety, obsessive and misleading trains of thought which works with the gypsy-like world she has created where supposedly normal characters uncover the unknown at every turn.

Truly, Alabama Steve has something for everybody. Conversations with famous authors and celebrities, Seuss-like advice, and elements of the erotic and the grotesque. McGlynn with one line can be reminiscent of the Beats and on the next of Lewis Carroll. McGlynn wrote "you can't know what it's like—the life that surges through you, when you first put your tongue to the BONE." Readers will want to put their tongue to the bone, in this case, and find that same indefinable surge in pages of Alabama Steve.

When I Was a Girl by Jennifer Jackson Berry

Jennifer Jackson Berry's latest chapbook When I Was A Girl is a powerful collection of poems that dares to take readers back to the puzzles and insecurities of adolescence. The poems travel chronologically from age eleven to college, each describing a feeling, circumstance or concept through a specific age lens. Most of all, Berry's poems follow the generation of adult yearnings that begin in youth. This is a chapbook for anyone who has ever grown up, and wants to remember with precise, often uncomfortable certainty, exactly what it was like.

When I Was A Girl was the second place winner in the Sundress chapbook contest.

Negotiating With Objects by Lisa M. Cole

"In Negotiating with Objects, Lisa M. Cole trains her vision on the human body with such intensity and originality that it becomes a wholly new artifact. It is 'a shaky boat' and 'a misguided earth.' It is 'an electric chair.' It is dangerous, the site of pleasure and of brokenness—'a ribbon / wrapped around a bomb.' Cole reminds us that what makes the body so very precious is its impermanence. 'What is formless matters less & less,' she tells us, and with every read, these poems matter more and more."
-Nick McRae, Sundress Publications Chapbook Contest Judge and Author of The Name Museum

Negotiating with Objects is the second-ever winner of the Sundress chapbook contest.

Bestiary of Gall by Emilia Phillips

Emilia Phillips' collection of fractured fables take their titles from the writings of Hippocrates, Virgil's Georgics, and a Bestiary Being an English Version of the Bodleian Library. At turns both beautiful and bizarre, Phillips introduces us to a violent and beastly world where "we mutiny like secrets" and are "full of still image." These poems surprise, delight, and terrify, all at the same time.


Kristy Bowen's new chapbook, I*HATE*YOU*JAMES*FRANCO, falls into strangeness unfolding over and over like a letter. The poems are enticing, addictive, and strangely beautiful, and the collection itself is brilliantly constructed, bringing to life all the things you think but never say. Before you know it, you'll be watching 127 Hours rooting for the rock.

Hush by Jan LaPerle

"Jan LaPerle's strange tales venture deeper than one might expect. There are plenty of laughs--a woman pregnant with a dishwasher? a man who buys a new head each year?--yet beneath the surface humor is a swift current of love, home, and the need for human connection. Escape is impossible once you're caught in Hush. But then again, you won't want to."
-T.A. Noonan, Sundress Publications Chapbook Contest Judge and Author of The Bone Folders

Hush was one of two runners-up for the 2011 Sundress chapbook contest.

Isla by Charity Stebbins

"Beginning and ending with dreams—first 'of milkfish and of becoming a doctor' and finally of 'an exoskeleton' left by a 'parrot...bounded into the air'—Stebbins guides the reader on a tour of the Philippine Islands. Yet this is no mere sightseer's catalog; Isla is as much meditation as it is documentary. Stebbins has (re)created a landscape that wavers between the exotic and familiar, drawing you in until you, too, are haunted by the distant afterimage of water."
-T.A. Noonan, Sundress Publications Chapbook Contest Judge and Author of The Bone Folders

Isla is the first-ever winner of the Sundress chapbook contest.