Francis Bacon coined the phrase instantia crucis (“crucial instance”) to refer to the moment in an experiment when one of two hypotheses is proved, and the other is disproved. Bacon’s phrase was based on the Latin word crux, which originally meant “cross” but had come to refer to a guidepost at the point where roads separate.

Since then, the word has evolved further; crucial now refers to something important, or it can be used as an adjective to indicate approval.

It is a word we like very, very much.

Flaming Giblet Press began in 2006 as a micropress dedicated to publishing works that push the boundaries of crucial—transforming the essential, standing at crossroads, pointing in all directions. Today, we are an imprint of Sundress Publications specializing in experimental literatures—texts that defy categorization. We like to think of ourselves as the kinds of publishers interested in the unpublishable, in works that travel the wrong roads toward the right destination. Or maybe we’ve taken this crucial/crossroads thing a bit too far.

Regardless, we dig the weird and hope you do, too.