/ about us
Flaming Giblet Press was founded by T.A. Noonan in 2006 as an independent micropress publishing the online journal grain short/grain long, as well as full- and chapbook-length collections. Today, it is an imprint of Sundress Publications specializing in prose, cross-genre, and unclassifiable works—texts that defy categorization and push the boundaries of what is “publishable.” T.A.'s still at the helm, but other members of the Sundress crew are part of the process. It's pretty excellent.

/ about our name
The press takes its name from a cooking accident. Years ago, T.A.’s mother, Judie, decided to roast her first whole chicken. It did not go well; the chicken caught fire, almost burning down the house. (Watch out!) Later, she realized that the problem was the bag of giblets. Not knowing the bag was inside the chicken, she left it, and the plastic caught fire. Judie went on to become an amazing cook, and the story of this early “experiment” inspired T.A.’s vision of a press willing to take chances that could blow up like a flaming bag of giblets. (And we can't help but agree with Erin Gloria Ryan: "giblet" is the best worst word ever.)

/ about our site
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