About the Author
Chris R. E. Wells
ISBN: 978-0-5780184-8-5
Flaming Giblet Press
Release Date: June 15, 2009
Out of print; limited availability

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Charles is a grad-school dropout whose life and marriage are at an impasse, but a chance encounter will cause him to re-evaluate the choices he has made. Chris R. E. Wells’ haunting debut novel chronicles the life of a man whose story is at once foreign and all-too-familiar as it meditates on the nature of memory, fantasy, love, and samaritanism.

Praise for White Kitty:

White Kitty, the debut novel by Chris Wells, is ... the smartest, saddest, most beautiful book I’ve read in a very long time.... The opening chapter is the most brilliant interior monologue I’ve read since Joyce—simply breathtaking—and from there it only gets better. It’s incredibly introspective yet full of action, utterly heartbreaking yet full of hope, delightfully complex yet urgent and honest. A true work of literary art.

— Gilad Elbom, Scream Queens of the Dead Sea