Updated: 15 July 2014

Currently, submissions to Flaming Giblet Press are by invitation only. Please note that we are overrun with potential projects and booked up until 2016. Thank you for all your love—we're tickled that people like what we do—but do allow us to get through what we have before sending anything else. Unsolicited queries and manuscripts will probably be ignored. Sorry, but that's the only policy that's fair to those who read this and follow our kind request.

What are we interested in? Prose, mostly, but anything that defies labeling. Let’s just say that we want books that don’t fit in with the other books. The stuff that defies categories, catalogs, and keywords. Works that explore the weird, wild world while pushing as many boundaries as they can think of. We are tickled by diagrammatic fiction, typographical dramas, horror in verse, and manuscripts that treat the genres like so many sandboxes to play in.

We also have a soft spot for handmade, limited-edition chapbooks and are considering a chapbook project in the very near future. Keep an eye out.

Unfortunately, the more we tell you what we want, the narrower our fields become.

When we have specifics, we’ll let you know. Promise.