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"My advice to young poets is always: start your own magazine or press, & publish your own work & those of your contemporaries whose poems seem most crucial for the art. And if possible, respond as much as possible, through poetics and reviews, to this work. Articulate its values, value its articulations."

— Charles Berstein

Francis Bacon coined the phrase instantia crucis ("crucial instance") to refer to the moment in an experiment when one of two hypotheses is proved, & the other is disproved. Bacon's phrase was based on the Latin word crux, which originally meant "cross" but had come to refer to a guidepost at the point where roads separate. Today, crucial refers to something important or can be used as an adjective to indicate approval.

Flaming Giblet Press began in 2006 as a micropress dedicated to publishing works that push the boundaries of crucial, transform the essential, & stand at crossroads while pointing in all directions.

Currently, all Flaming Giblet publications may be purchased through our Etsy storefront, Two Bedroom Shotgun. But make sure to check our blog for news & upcoming releases.