[ grain short/grain long ]
issue no. 1


Grain short, as defined by Etherington & Roberts's Bookbinding & the Conservation of Books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology, is "a term sometimes used in paper manufacture to indicate that the grain or machine direction of the paper is parallel to the shorter dimension of the sheet." Conversely, grain long refers to grain or machine direction that is parallel to the larger dimension.

Originally envisioned as a one-off project by Flaming Giblet Press & Sundress Publications, grain short/grain long has evolved into a (hopefully) long-term exploration of the limits of text & the visual. For our inaugural issue, we asked writers & artists to interpret the idea of "grain short/grain long" as freely or literally as they wanted. What we received delighted us—poetry & prose that pushed the limits of the theme, all going "with" or "against the grain" in fun, interesting ways. The four authors featured in this issue represent the most surprising looks at the grain, & I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with them all. Enjoy.

[ suzanne grazyna ] [ virginia reeves ]
[ elizabeth kate switaj ] [ featured writer: c. r. e. wells ]
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