Photo by: Claudia Grinnell

Every night I've been dreaming of you and a Great
White shark. He swallows the nettles, the frogs and the silty
fresh water shallows of Lake Angeles, and the scree
mallards are silenced -- a dream will allow this. I wait,

fisting my toes in the soil, and watch you untether your
nakedness, oiled with water and morning. We sense
blood and your mothering sweat in the lake, and it's tense,
waiting to see if tonight I will hold to the shore --

some of these nights I have not, but have jumped in, and nothing I've
hated or resented you for since you cheated and left ever goes with me
in the water -- I'm only for you. But I hate that you're free,
most nights, and let him alone with you -- awake and alive.

-- Peter Douglas

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