Photo by: Claudia Grinnell
fidelity of atmosphere's blood
the loft & pumping heart, deep pushed
leather gloves through box nettles
each wren's chest a curve between
gloved hands
cut oak lines, ash wrens darkened a
vein / soft ridge & opal / cranial
atmosphere, the canyon contracts
around / the moist channel pulsed
& strands wept down through blue air
her tongue to minaret salt / acres fed
under a veil
thread / stars pulled from a minaret
& the moist channel met blue air
as / soft wrens blurred in a lens
pushing hands into the channel's pulse
white thread's feed / house gentle gloves
moved the hair towards firedoor
rest, house acid / receding stitch and met
with flowered blouse / noon was wrens
on the pearl mezzanine
we as poured light / i culled my wrens
from summer, glass then color
when as flint from / pearl mezzanine
& her tongue to a minaret, the salt
thread of stars / warm air & moist channel

-- Eric Larsen

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