Graham Nunn


the house you live in
is built on tidal plain and farmer's field
flat as the world before civilisation
the land you walk is
below sea level, all oyster shell and mangrove root
patient fingers of wood holding their breath
you fix the horizon's shape
in your mind, its shimmering possibility
held between seagull and midday
the hot sting of sun on your neck
like a blade lifting skin
you're all blonde hair and blisters
you stop and clouds swim
like mullet into your pupil
for a moment you wonder why you are here
you left the house and walked towards the water
eyes shut, pulling away from shore
you heard the call
it sounded like ocean
you hear it now
swim harder, it says, swim harder

Graham Nunn is a Brisbane based writer, co-founder of Small Change Press and a founding member of Brisbane's longest running poetry event, SpeedPoets. He played in bands and wrote songs for many years, but since 2000 it has been poetry that has kept him up at night, demanding his attention. He has published from collections of poetry, the latest, Ruined Man is now available from

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