Teresa White


The wind won’t let go.
It scares the last fire
from the locust trees.

My neighbor hangs
upside down with
a variable speed drill.

Brochures of Tahiti
are coasters on the oilcloth
of the kitchen table.

When the wind
relaxes its jaws
and snow fills up the city

I’ll still be here
wearing two sweaters,
warming my hands

at the oven door,
knowing the cut glass
of the ocean

is a brooch
I’ll never wear.

Teresa White is a Seattle native now living in Spokane, Washington. Her work has most recently appeared in “Mannequin Envy,” “Eclectica,” and “The Arabesque Review.” She’s also been included in the anthology “In the Arms of Words, Poems for Disaster Relief” (Sherman Asher Publishng). Teresa has recently been nominated for her second Pushcart Prize. Her second full-length collection of poems was praised by Billy Collins when he said: “She is a poet who not only deserves but requires our attenton.” Titled “Gardenias for a Beast,” this is available online at Auntie’s Books.

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