Tammy F. Brewer


We compare fortune cookies--

Your hard work will payoff today.
With lots of fireworks and confetti,

he says he loves me.
This year your highest priority

will be your family.
I tell him I want
an early spring but I'm afraid

I misspelled affinity. For music
and groundhogs, he says jokingly

that January is like frozen lasagna
and what we need are exclamation

points & sausage balls. With 88
varieties, I laugh and tell him

my shadow is giddy.

Tammy F. Brewer (formerly Trendle) lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her BA in English from Georgia State University and is employed as a litigation paralegal. Her poems have been published in many online and print journals, including: Rattle, The Pedestal, storySouth, among others. Her chapbook, No Glass Allowed, was recently published by Verve Bath Press. She can be reached at tammyfbrewer@gmail.com.

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