Theresa Edwards


The start of the line was drawn;
For years I tried to keep it straight--
But there's something
to bending that makes
you feel new.
Like age is nothing; wet wipe
it off a chalkboard.

I slouched inside,
Outside, arms at the edge
of deep breaths I took
to maintain the line's direction--

But I needed to bend.
Roll my hips around fear:
passenger on a speeding dirt bike
mounting sand, 75-degree-angled hill,

I needed curvature: warm lips
find the scar
on my lower back,
tongue gliding down ass crack.
And there's something about
variance that makes you
feel smooth,
on a porcelain China doll.

Theresa Edwardsí poetry is forthcoming in Boxcar Poetry Review's second print anthology and appears in CircleShow (Vol. 1, 2008) print anthology and online at Press 1, Seven CirclePress, decomP, The Orange Room Review, Triplopia, AdmitTwo, Boxcar Poetry Review, Clean Sheets Magazine, Chronogram, and elsewhere. She tutors writing at Marist College and is founder and editor/publisher of Holly Rose Review.

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