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Timothy M. Leonard

Date of Birth: 2/14/50
Location: Tahoma, WA
Publications: Acid Logic, Poetry Superhighway, Manx Fiction,, Rosedog


Another clear day
high temperatures in the low 100s
low humidity, calm sea, wind from the southeast.

Shelling of Iraq and Iran continues,
artillery rattles,
streets are quiet being Friday
day off for majority of workers.
Children playing chess in their pajamas on nearby roof,
goldfish swimming in fresh water, clear round glass,
coffee boils in silver container.

Another perceptible fragment hanging onto the edge
of our consciousness
chanting as Tibetan prayer flags flutter at 13,467 feet
climbing their worn fibers toward
vultures eating human remains decomposing into their softness
digested physical sensations still now.

Polish prisoners to be released
Norwegian demonstrators and meteors collide with thought control authorities in
Oslo winter monsoon climate
silent vigils, economic editors, watchers of the ticker tape parades before
hijackers dismantle unknown security apparatus

Another bionic beheaded barefoot homo sapian wavering
as if butterfly, fluttering, falling, flying through the mystery
becoming light, intense connection and interaction between things,
things to think about and see
impermanence of this before glimpse of sensation
reduction reversal
designed to sharpen focus
concentration allowing
centering of ch'i

This phenomenon quite remarkable this purity.