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Jennifer McCoy

Date of Birth: 7/5/75
Location: Denver, CO
Publications: Stirring (V1:E3)
Readings At: A Woman's Place, and two 1999 Mercury Cafe Poetry Slams


If only boys were laundry and I could sort them
according to temperature, assessing by their color, texture
and fabric the water I would use to clean them.

If only you could wait in this pile of muck for me to throw you in
with the like colors of other boys. I'd arrange separateness from the bright ones
to prevent bleeding of their pigments onto your wintered austerity.

You examine my tail-chasing, my circling from hand to hand. While I am
ensnared in this rotary,
I suspect you will billow and shrug off the clothespins glued to your shoulders.
You are white. I will sort you, wash you in cold and hang you to dry.