Stirring : A Literary Collection

Rick Lupert


Walking down the sidewalk
and there it is
an entire fucking sausage
on the walk
in my path
begging to be reckoned with
entire fucking sausage
still packaged
shrink wrapped
heat sealed
vacuum packed
entire fucking sausage
could eat it off the
One AM Ground
It screams
open me
eat me
I'm clean
I'm for you!
entire fucking sausage
Show me litter
muck, dirt
used condoms
gum that will stick to my brain
but no, why
entire fucking sausage
during late night walk
back to car
no woman alongside
no Triscuits for late night nosh
no weariness suitable for bed
just sausage,
on sidewalk
away from all other sausages
alone in a world
of sausage free walkways
bound to be kicked
thrown at car
utilized as taunting device
missed by grocery bag owner
Oh sausage, you
you sausage
entire fucking sausage
I lay my head on the pillow knowing
we are both alone tonight.

Rick Lupert
Date of Birth: October 10, 1968
Location: California
Publications: Los Angeles Times, Chrion Review, Stirring V2:E6, Zuzu's Petals, Caffeine Magazine,, Blue Satellite Magazine, 'Scream When You Burn' Caffeine Magazine Anthology, and bathroom walls across America.
Chapbooks: Paris: Itís The Cheese, I Am My Own Orange County (Ainít Got No press), Lizard King of the Laundromat (Inevitable Press), I'm a Jew, Are You? (Cassowary Press),, Mowing Fargo (Sacred Beverage Press), and Feeding Holy Cats (Cassowary Press).
Awards: Twice nominated for Pushcart Prize

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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