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Wendy A. Howe
Wendy A. Howe

Date of Bith: 10/29/64
Location: Wallkill, NY
Published in: Poetic Voices of America, The Consuming Flame, Poetry Magazine, Southern Ocean Review, Waxing Poetic
Other: Presently, I work as a part-time high school English teacher in upstate New York and also manage a small, home-based computer/consulting service.


What is left in the cold hush of ashes?
The fine talc of his voice,
of his shadow
sprinkled like sand
over the onionskin parchment of air.

Now when the nude wind
rustles in the night,
corners of time curl backwards.
Eyelids close and I wander
through a tangled lot of sleep.
Dreams are drawn out of the dampness.

Like fire-colored salamanders
they crawl with their sly oddity
onto the dry, ruminated log of my mind.
Illuminated, I stare,
at these strange thoughts
and gently turn my hand over
offering one finger as a plank of welcome.

Out of the ashes, they step--
prong-footed memories,
timidly etching my flesh
with the calligraphy of his ways,
and casting my breath

in bronzed silence.