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Alex Stolis

Location: Plymouth,MN
Published in: Wilmington Blues, Alchemy, The Ebbing Tide, The Wire, Reflections


Down here we knew those nights

(I guess you forgot)
The ones I spent crawling floors
believing in nothing .
The ones I spent wrapped in funeral linen
waiting on you.

Trying to catch slow moving happiness,
I sat stranded in criminal confusion.
You told me you lied helplessly on lost nights.
You meant you loved me the best you could.

Where do you lie now --
in broken glass houses?
on sullen dimlit streets? Some room w/ broken-hearted magi,
believing every word that glides off your face?

You once chased vice like a religion.
You once were a distant & foreign passenger,
stopping once & again to think about me,
me & my postcard freedom.