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Bek Andoloro

Date of Birth: 3/24/66
Location: Palatine, IL


This day was beyond good.
It rained as I slept
then stopped midway
into the first cup of decaf
at the desk,
leaving sun-drenched verdant grass
to watch from my study's window.

Each bulb I'd planted bloomed,
despite the fact
I'd nearly forgotten
kneeling to ease them
into then cold soil.

Grosbeaks and finches
hopped about, scattering seeds
from the blue birdhouse
and none of my tropical fish
were found belly-up.

Even dust on the desk
wished to dance and did,
as I composed a shopping list:

Smoked turkey
Red peppers
Corned beef
Sesame bagels

and you appeared,
still sleepy-eyed,
in boxers,
to press against my back
as I sat in the wire
and wicker chair,
feeling the hollow base
of your ribcage
through my long
white terrycloth robe.

You whispered,
"How long you been up,"
and I put down the pen,
rubbed my eyes to say,

I don't know.
Ages, I guess.