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Laird Barron

Location: Seattle, WA
Previous Publications: Melic Review, Vowel Movement


finally the dog comes when she whistles
finally each envelope bears her name
in the little window
when the phone rings she doesnít wonder
whom they seek
nor where the old towels are flung
folded in the dresser
under a drawer full of socks
every article accounted for--
for once
sometimes a plank shifts in an empty room
sometimes the lid on the mayonnaise
jar is too tight
and she thinks it would be nice
she thinks wind is at the eaves again
losing the moment to draw curtains
against autumn
but it turns out her hands are
more than glass
still attached at all a miracle
still capable of circles without trembling
there are days when they donít even measure
the hours by grains of garden dirt
on her fingertips