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Ann Holdreith
Ann Holdreith

Location: Royal Oak, MI
Previous Publications: Wayne State University, Plainview Press, Dixie Phoenix, Poetry Motel, Gravity Presses, Snakeskin, Gravity.
Awards: 1999 Pushcart Prize Nomination


after Two Calla Lilies on Pink by Georgia O'Keefe

Two Calla Lilies on pink
pink that never ends
just falls like grace, like manna, like the moment
of a swollen
berry falling to grass, this
grass that is sweet and green
beyond the hills, beyond your name or mine, can
stiff yellow rods
stand apart but know the way
I fall from your lips
in pools of delicate rain, the sound of your mouth
on my heart, this
silk wrapped in August rain, yes
Calla Lilies pressing
so tight their breath cannot escape petals
curving only
one line, straight lines have lost,
it is bending that curves in
and out so sometimes we forget where you end,
and I begin.