Stirring : A Literary Collection
Samsara Quarterly


Gaetana Cannavo Suicide Manual for the Perfectionist
Holley Dottley What You Wanted
Brenda Gerritsma Subtleties
Nicholas Hengen She's Going Away
Coral Hull Zoo Wolf That Escaped During a Hurricane Led Safely Home
Dorianne Laux The Word
Alex Stolis Remembering Allison on her Birthday
Tasha Bahnhof Frankfurt


Mandy Hurley Too Many to Name
I started to guard the cage in fear. Afraid that while I wasn’t looking something would happen, like my little brother reaching his grubby little hand down in the cage, touching their soft flesh, the mother freaking out and eating the babies right up
M.L. Roth The Camel Chronicles; How Smoking Saved My Life
A battered old Ford screeched rounding our corner in darkness. Silence. The evening air settled still, heavy with Jasmine, hot, humid, and thick as cotton in your ear. The snap of a night beetle echoed like a gun shot across Pacas, the barrio badlands of Pacoima, California - a Los Angeles county suburb famous for empty dirt lots sprouting mountains of bald tires, used condoms, and Corona beer bottles.


John Running Stacy Tso


Preston Mark Stone Preston Mark Stone

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