Stirring : A Literary Collection

Kristy Bowen


       (for Emily Dickinson)

By now, you've surely put
away your poems, folded
them like handkerchiefs,
obedient daughters tucked
soundless in the drawer,
nested amidst tea-stains
and woman things, strange
and fragrant as the rain.

You've walked the close
circumference of your room,
undone stillness like a
corset, your heart
winging in its tiny cage
of bone, disassembling
language like a moth
pinned to a board.

Despite the neatness
of your lines, the mythology
of the needle, in that
picture, you look frightened,
stunned listless,
in constant danger
of throwing everything
out a window.  

And watching as the pages
float like ghosts
anonymously down
the narrow lanes of Amherst,
your fingers --
your blood --
aching for their loss.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Publications: Moon Journal, Poetry Midwest, Prairie Poetry, Mentress Moon, Half Drunk Muse, Eclectica
Awards: College Poetry Prize of the Academy of American Poets
Editor of: Wicked Alice
Other: Contributing editor for "20th Century Women Authors" at

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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