Stirring : A Literary Collection

Marie R. Kane


Sun pulls water into scalloped waves
that open and shut on light's reflection leaping
in on you -- skittering at the edge of rafts
and sailboat and dock -- nothing unwanted, nothing raw.
You sleepwalk down to the lake's light,
not caring what others think of your nakedness.  One foot meets
small round stones at the edge, then steps
deeper to shins, further to knees, thighs, as softness
of water eases over belly skin,
over stomach muscles and chest, breasts taut against
the sudden cool wetness, then float in water clear to bottom
sedge and stone.

It is here, it is here, that you cast the faded
and obdurate part of yourself into this water --
and sound your own depth.

Date of Birth: 12/17/51
Location: Yardley, Pennsylvania
Publications: Bucks County Writer, The River, Big Intersection, Pennsylvania Writing
Chapbook: Water Poems
Awards: Bucks County Poet Laureate, runner-up, 1997

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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