Stirring : A Literary Collection

Alison Dunne


I think
I could cup the giant moth
in my two hands
the tenderness of that

fearless, I could slowly close
the trap of my fingers

I learnt I was merciful
the way you watched
in light borrowed
from a wakeful city as I
lying between your open legs
looked you in the eye
took you in my mouth

just because I've always been afraid
staying under cover
while  moths bumped stupidly
at my lamp shade
is no reason not to do this
to gently shut my hands
feel frantic beats against my palm

I know I am tender
the way I met your gaze
my gift is release

Alison Dunne
Date of Birth: April 1964
Location: Leicestershire, England
Publications: QWF Magazine, Tees Valley Writer, The Nerve: The Virago Book of Writing Women (Virago 1998), Broadcast on BBC Radio 4

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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